Sleep & Dream Tracker Notion Template!

sleep and dream tracker notion template

Welcome to our Sleep & Dream Tracker Notion Template!

Sleep is crucial for physical and mental health as it helps our bodies repair and restore themselves. Great sleep is immensely important in regulating our mood, productivity, and creativity. Meanwhile, a lack of sleep can be linked to different health diseases. Hence, we hope this template will remind you to not forget about the importance of your sleep and record your dreams, whether good or bad, to understand more about your physical and mental health.

This Notion Sleep & Dream Tracker template will help make it easier for you to assemble all information related to your sleep in the same place, including setting your sleep goals, journalling your dreams, recording dream symbols, and tracking your sleep. You can use this template based on your own needs, while some would like to journal every day, others might use them on a weekly basis or just whenever they have interesting dreams to record.

In this article, we will focus on introducing you to an overview of the Notion Sleep & Dream Tracker template, why you should use this on Notion, and how to customize this template to fit your needs.

How to start using our Notion Sleep & Dream Tracker Template?

We recommend you start by downloading this template from our store and learn how to use Notion through our template. The next step is to watch our tutorial videos and learn how to customize your own!

If you are new to Notion, check out our article “What is Notion and How to Get Started”. You can get this Sleep & Dream Tracker Template through our store, and find our tutorial below.

Why should you have your Sleep & Dream Tracker on NOTION?

With the rise of new smartwatches such as Apple Watch / Fitbit, it is incredibly easy to track your sleep. Yet, these devices do not come with a function for you to note about your sleep, how you actually feel after waking up and the dreams you have.

Hence, we figured out that Notion is a great way to store all relevant data that one would like to journal about one’s sleep and dream. With our template, you can set up all different goals, tips and their impact on sleeping, set up your dream symbols and actually understand more about your dreams.

So, why not try our Notion Sleep & Dream Tracker template?


We’ve designed this Notion Sleep & Dream Tracker Template to include everything you might need when you want to manage your sleep & dream in Notion. The template is designed with built-in icons for an aesthetic look and a peaceful experience when journalling your sleep & dream.

Our Notion Sleep & Dream Tracker Template at a Glance:

  • Quick Links: where you can access the database links in the quickest manner
  • Sleep Goals: where you can note down your sleep goals
  • Dream Symbol Dictionary: where you can visualize and record the meaning of each symbol
  • Dream Journal: where you can jot down all your feelings after the dream
  • Sleep Tracker: where you can track your sleep, and link with the dreams

How to navigate Dream Symbol Dictionary?

The purpose of the Dream Symbol Dictionary is to visualize each symbol and link it with the dreams you had:

  • Click + New for a new symbol and use the built-in sub-template “Dream Symbol Dictionary Template”
  • Once you have the built-in sub-template appeared, you can add links for each dream symbol when you do research about what it means!
  • You can also see the number of dreams you have associated with that symbol

How to navigate Dream Journal?

The Dream Journal aims to make it easier for you to visualize the dreams you had and write down your feelings:

  • Click + New to add a new dream journal
  • Add information: Dream Type, Emotion, Date, Symbol
  • Write down your feelings in our built-in sub-template:
    • What happened in this dream?
    • What were some recurring symbols?
    • Did it reveal something about your real life?
    • Other thoughts

How to navigate Sleep Tracker?

The Sleep Tracker can record your sleep on a daily basis so that you can see the factors that can influence your sleep quality. Note that our Sleep Tracker is linked to the Dream Journal.

  • Click +New to add a new day to track your sleep
  • Add information: Bedtime, Wakeup, How was your sleep?, Food before bed, Activities before bed & Dream
  • Write down your reflection and notes if needed.

How to customize our Notion Sleep & Dream Tracker Template ?

We recommend you customize our Template to fit your unique personalities and the best way is to do through icons and cover photos

For icons, check out our full tutorial on how to customize icons on Notion in the following article:

For cover photos, check out our full tutorial here.

How to share your thoughts on our Sleep & Dream Tracker Notion Template?

Wish to have more features? Send us your thoughts, feedback, or requests via the link We will select the top-voted ones to create new updates for the template 🌟.

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