How to build: Weekly Planner in Notion? ( + free template)

build a notion weekly planner


Using a planner is a great way to help you manage your time and achieve your goals. By writing down what you need to do each day, week, and month, you can avoid forgetting important tasks and feel well-prepared with a clear plan for each day and each week. We think this can be a great tool for your work and personal life, and we would love to show you how to build a weekly planner in Notion!

Tutorial Video

We hope this build-with-me tutorial will help you get started with Notion and create an amazing weekly planner. We recommend you open your Notion workspace and follow our video at the same time so you can learn faster by building.

Let’s get started!

Let’s start by opening an empty Notion page. We’ll title this page “Weekly Planner” and make a few initial formatting adjustments to set the stage for our planner.

  1. Change the page to “Full Width” and “Small Text” for a clean, minimalistic look.
  2. To add a touch of personalization, let’s select a cover photo. While the choice of photo is entirely yours, for this example, we’ll opt for a minimalistic cover. You can explore Unsplash, a vast library of high-quality images, for inspiration.
  3. Once you’ve chosen your cover photo, position it as you wish to create an aesthetically pleasing look.

Creating Sections

Our weekly planner will consist of two main sections: weekly planning and monthly calendar. Think of it as a digital representation of a paper planner with both weekly and monthly views.

With this in mind, we’ll create two columns within our Notion page. These columns will act as placeholders to keep our layout organized.

  1. Type /column to create two side-by-side columns.
  2. Name the left column “Weekly Plan” and the right column “Monthly Calendar.”

Setting Up the “Monthly Calendar” database

Let’s start configuring the monthly calendar section.

  1. To create a monthly calendar, type /calendar and select the “Calendar View.” Create a new database and name it “Monthly Calendar.”
  2. We prefer a clean look, so let’s hide the database title. Click the three dots next to the title, go to “Properties,” and uncheck “Show Database Title.”

Now, you have a basic monthly calendar where you can record important events and appointments. You can further customize this section by adding properties and tags, but for our weekly planner, we’ll keep it simple.

Setting Up the “Weekly Plans” database

Now, let’s build up the weekly planning section by following these steps:

  1. Create a list view database for “Weekly Plans”
  2. Hide the database title to keep things clean. Click the three dots next to the title, go to “Layout,” and uncheck “Show Database Title.”
  3. The essence of our weekly planner lies in its ability to provide a structured framework for weekly planning. Therefore, we’ll create default templates for each weekly plan.
    • To add a new template, click the arrow next to “New” and select “New Template.” Set it to open in full page for a better view.
    • Choose “Small Text” and “Full Width.”
    • Name the template “Weekly Plan.”
    • Our default database template includes properties such as “Created” and “Tags.” However, for this purpose, we’ll remove the “Created” property as it’s not essential.
    • Add a “Date” property to set the date for your weekly plan. You can also set the date for each weekly plan by clicking “End Date” and selecting the start and end dates. This helps you keep track of your plans over time.
    • Add a “Notes” property where you can jot down additional information or thoughts.

Testing Your Weekly Planner:

Now that your weekly planner is set up, you can test it out. Click “New” and select “Weekly Plan” to create a new weekly plan.

As you set up your weekly plan template as the default template for this database, whenever you create a new weekly plan, it will automatically follow the format we’ve established.You can do this for each week, and as you go along, you’ll have a well-organized record of your weekly plans.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully built a weekly planner in Notion!

This weekly planner provides the flexibility to tailor your weekly plans and keep track of your tasks and events efficiently. Remember that you can always customize and expand upon this basic framework to suit your specific needs. Feel free to explore additional properties, tags, and views as you become more familiar with Notion.

build a notion weekly planner

Download our template

If you prefer to get the finished template for free, you can also download it below.

Enter code WEEKLY100 to get this for FREE. We do this to prevent bots from accessing all of our templates. Although it’s free, we’d also greatly appreciate any donations to continue doing this ❤️

Get it HERE!

On the other hand, if you are looking for a template with more advanced features, check our Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planner Notion Template. This is a perfect planner for you if you want to plan your day, week, and month seamlessly, input reflections, and goal setting. There are nine versions to suit various color preferences. Each version comes in a specific Notion colorway that works and works in both light and dark modes.

daily weekly monthly planner notion template


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