How to use Notion's Web Clipper?

Notion’s web clipper is the best way to get the most out of using Notion. The web clipper is very versatile and easy to use. We’ll review how to use it step-by-step if you haven’t tried it out yet!

What is Notion’s web clipper?

Notion’s web clipper directly saves webpage links to your Notion page without having to open up Notion! Here is the link for downloading the Web Clipper:

Web clipper can easily be paired with any Notion workspace and database. The web clipper can be downloaded for use on a desktop browser for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. For using it on the phone on iOS and Android, it is built-in when you download the Notion app. The Notion web clipper allows you to have a seamless experience finding useful web articles and implementing them into Notion.

Using web clipper on Desktop:

We’ll be using chrome and our Resource hub template (Download Here!) as an example of how to pair web clipper with Notion on a desktop.

First, go to the chrome store and add the free chrome extension. Then, make sure you’re logged in to Notion on your browser.

Go to the page you want to save to the Resource Hub, and click the Notion icon in the Chrome browser. You’ll be able to title the resource. Then, make sure you are in the right workspace. Find the Resource Hub template by going to the “Add to” section and finding the database called “Resources.”

Now, when you save a page, it will automatically appear in the “uncategorized” section of the Resource Hub Template.

Using web clipper on Phone

Let’s go over using web clipper on your phone. Web clipper works seamlessly on iOS and Android; just ensure you have the Notion app installed on your phone. Again we’ll be using the Resource Hub template as an example.

First, find an article you want to add to the resource hub and click share.

Choose the Notion app. Like with the desktop web clipper, you’ll need to find the correct workspace and database to add it to.

You can directly save and edit the resource on your phone through the Notion app!

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