Notion Update Release (August 2022)

Today we wanted to go over all of the most recent Notion update releases! There’s so much to be excited about and some new amazing features. If you’re new to Notion be sure to check out our article What is Notion and how to get started!

1. Emoji react to comments

You can now react to comments using just an emoji. This is great if you work collaboratively and don’t feel like you need to type out a wordy response. Sometimes all you need is an emoji!

2. Numbers & formulas as progress bars

This is an amazing new feature that we think many Notion users were hoping for! You can visualize numbers easily as progress bars. Within your database click “Edit Property” in any number or formula field. You’ll see new ways to visualize your numbers. These visualizations include showing the number as a progress bar or ring. You can also choose the color, choose a custom dividing number, and option to show or hide the number.

3. Set a default template for databases

Templates are super useful! There’s now an automatic way to set a default template for your databases. Once you are in your database, click the down arrow to the right of the “New” button. Click “+ New Template” and create a template in this new page. Go back and click the same down arrow to the right of the “New” button. Click the three dots next to the desired default template and choose set as default. You can now choose for all views in the database or just in the view, you are currently in. All new pages will now have this default template. Note that any old pages in the database will not have this new default template.

4. New icon set for pages & callouts

We are super excited about this new icon set from this Notion update! We think this adds a new dimension to Notion pages because you can use more than just the emoji library. These icons are used in pages and callouts. Next to Emoji, you’ll see a new place called “Icons”.

5. Align images and other embedded content

This is also a wonderful new feature where you can now align your images and media so that you can choose where it appears. Simply hover over the media, click the three dots, and choose your alignment. They no longer default to the center!

6. Previews & mentions of Notion comments

You can now reference any comments on your Notion page and paste them to other places! This is useful if you want to share a comment that someone made somewhere else. Simply click the three dots in the top corner of the comment and choose “Copy link to discussion”. You can paste it into any Notion page and choose between “Paste as preview” or “Paste as mention”.

7. 1-page limit for database relations

When you make relations to another database, you can now add a 1-page limit! This can be useful for situations when you should only be able to have one item from the related database. Click “Edit property” in the related database property. Then, you can toggle the page limit!

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