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Welcome to our Notion Mental Health – Guided Workbook Bundle!

There are never enough words to stress the importance of mental health. Our state of mental health is vital as it affects every single aspect of our lives, from our physical health, our relationships, our work, our careers, and so on. Taking care of our mental health can lead us to healthy relationships, satisfying careers, and better physical health.

Working on our mental health can help us to understand ourselves better in terms of managing stress, improving our mood and sleep quality, as well as finding resolutions to deal with difficult challenges in our lives.

Our Notion mental health guided workbook bundle is meant to help you go through some of life’s toughest moments like burnout, lack of purpose, anxiety, and finding your self-love. When using this workbook and as you answer the questions we hope that you’ll be able to explore, analyze, and figure out more about yourself.

How to start using our Notion Mental Health – Guided Workbook Bundle?

We recommend you start with our Standard Version which includes only the “Burnout Workbook”. This can help you decide if you’d like more workbook templates!

If you are new to Notion, check out our article “What is Notion and How to Get Started”.

You can get this Notion Mental Health Guided Workbook Bundle through Gumroad and find our tutorial below.

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Why should you use this Mental Health Guided Workbook on NOTION?

Notion is a great tool to record your information without the need to store paper-based notebooks. Moreover, this workbook can be used flexibly as a monthly/yearly reflection in your Notion life dashboard. You can set a reminder on the reflection as you wish, rather than staying forgetful about your mental health.

Our Notion Mental Health Guided Workbook at a Glance:

We’ve designed this Mental Health Guided Workbook to walk you through important aspects to consider when you think about your mental health; there are 4 workbooks in total: Finding Purpose, Self-Love, Burn-out, and Anxiety Relief. In each workbook, there will be a list of guided questions that could help you discover and reflect. To get the most out of them, try and answer as honestly! Don’t be limited by the space provided and make sure to write as much as possible.

Kindly note that these workbooks are not meant to give you a clear answer to the current problems but rather a self-dedicated time to reflect and find a better solution. We highly recommend you reuse our workbooks as needed! If you’d like to duplicate each of the workbook templates you can click the three dots when you hover the link to the workbook template.

Book 1: Finding Purpose Workbook

This workbook aims to help those who want to examine their purpose and meaning in life! It is by no means a way to find all of your answers but we hope that you can reflect and figure out what is important to you and what steps you can take moving forward!

finding purpose workbook bundle notion

Book 2: Self-Love Workbook

Many of us struggle with “Self Love”, even though it should be one of the biggest priorities in our daily lives. We hope that this workbook can help you discover, explore, and reflect on what “Self Love” can mean to you and what kinds of actions could be taken to better love yourself!

self love workbook bundle notion

Book 3: Burn-out Workbook

In our modern society, burnout can happen to us quickly without realizing it. Our workbook aims to help you reflect, discover, and analyze your current situation and whether or not you may be burnt out. We also hope that it can help you come up with ideas on what steps you could potentially take.

burnout workbook notion

Book 4: Anxiety Relief Workbook

Anxiety and worry are something everyone will experience at some point in their lives. With this workbook, we hope that it can help you get to the root cause of the anxiety and analyze how you are feeling and what steps you could take!

anxiety relief workbook bundle notion

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