Goal & Habit Tracker (Plus) Notion Template

Welcome to our Goal and Habit Tracker Plus Notion Template! This template is inspired by James Clear’s Atomic HabitsAn Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones. We wanted to create a template where you could start from the mindset of a larger goal and break it down into habits that will ultimately accomplish this goal! If you are new to Notion, check out our article “What is Notion and How to Get Started.”

You can get this Goal and Habit Tracker Plus Notion Template through Gumroad and find our tutorial below:

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The Goal and Habit Tracker Plus Notion template is a template that guides you step-by-step so that you can start with your larger goal and accomplish it with smaller habits. It is very flexible to set your own goals and habits. You can also make a detailed record and reflect on your habits as you accomplish them. Each section of the goal and habit tracker is connected so that you have linked databases to keep track of your entire goal and habit-tracking process.

Our Template at a Glance:

Goal and Habit Tracker Plus

The template is made up of four main sections! Each serves a unique purpose in your goal and habit-tracking journey.

Favourite Habit Book & Quote: You can add your favorite habit book and quote to inspire you every day.

Goals: Add your goals here. Each goal opens up a page where you can plan how to accomplish this goal.

Habits: The individual habits that make up each larger goal appear here. You can see a detailed record of when you did each habit when you open it up.

Record: This is where you record into a calendar when you do each habit. You can also write a reflection to reflect on your daily journey.

Favorite Habit Book & Quote:

This section allows you to add your favorite habit book and quote! By glancing at this every time you use the template, you can continue to inspire yourself to accomplish your habits and goals.


In this section, you can add your big goals! Add broad goals that can be accomplished using smaller habits. Click + New in the table to add a new goal. Start by naming the goal and adding a tag.

Next, brainstorm this goal using the questions we’ve provided. “Why is this Goal Important?” and “How to Accomplish this Goal?”.

Once you’ve answered the questions, you can add a habit to this goal. Click +New inside the Habits table, within the goal, and name the habit. We’ll get into habits in the next section!


Each habit is connected to a bigger goal! There are two ways to add a habit; through the habit section or a goal in the top section. In either situation, you must have a larger goal to attach the habit.

The previous section explained how to add the habit through the goal. If you want to add a habit through the habits section, click +New in “Habits.” Then, connect it to a goal.

Once you have a habit with a connected goal, fill in the actions, type, and tag.

For “actions,” you should fill in what kind of actions you’ll do for this habit.

There are two “types,” bad habits and good habits. For bad habits, record days when you don’t do the habit.

The “tag” allows you to set the frequency of the target habit.

The next section is where you add the number of times you need to do the habits until completion! For example, if the habit is daily and finished after one month, you would put 30.

The “result” and “progress” are calculated automatically. The result records the number of times you’ve done the habit. The progress bar will show how far you are until your target number.

Check the completed checkbox when you’ve finished this habit!

You can add the finished date and add rewards as well.

Inside each habit page, you can also see a table of your records with the habit and a space for reflection about this habit.


goal and habit tracker plus

To record a habit, all you need to do is to click “+” inside the calendar. Under the date, you can link each habit that you did. This will be synced inside each habits page. You can also do a daily reflection in the provided space below. To see your habit calculations and progress, make sure to check each individual “Habits” page.

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