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Mental Health Bundled workbook

Welcome to our Digital & Printable Mental Health Guided Workbook Bundle!

Mental health is an important aspect that requires us to learn and spend more effort to understand ourselves. It can affect many things in our lives, from how we feel, think, behave, and interact with others, and how we deal with problems and come up with solutions. Good mental health will help us substantially in achieving personal and career goals, creating and maintaining healthy relationships, as well as dealing with challenges, and navigating through difficult paths in life.

That is why checking in with your mental health is especially important. This activity will help us recognize the areas that may need improvements, work on those areas and find the best solutions. A mental health workbook is a helpful tool to guide us through this process, as it will provide us with prompts for reflection, exercises to practice, and resources for further support. It can also serve as a record of progress and a reminder to prioritize our mental health.

As many of us struggle in this modern society, especially with our mental health, we designed this workbook bundle with the hope that it will help discover, understand, and love yourself more. We believe this bundle will help you continue your journey toward better mental health and well-being. Remember, taking care of your mental health is a journey, and we are here to support you every step of the way!

What is included in our Digital/Printable Mental Health Guided Workbook Bundle?

Downloadable PDF formats of 4 Guided Workbooks – | A4, Letter size

  • Finding Purpose Workbook
  • Self-love Workbook
  • Burnout Check Workbook
  • Anxiety Relief Workbook

Our Digital/Printable Mental Health Guided Workbook Bundle includes a variety of prompts and exercises to guide you through your mental health journey.

  • Self-reflection prompts to help you identify your thoughts and emotions
  • Mindfulness exercises to help you stay present and grounded
  • Coping mechanism worksheets to help you develop healthy coping strategies
  • Gratitude exercises to help you focus on the positive aspects of your life

We believe that these prompts and exercises will help you take the first step towards improving your mental health and we hope you find them helpful!

What if I don’t need the full bundle?

We also broke down our full bundle into smaller products in case you don’t need the full bundle:

What is included in each workbook?

Finding Purpose Workbook

Our Finding Purpose Workbook aims to help those who want to examine their purpose and meaning in life! It is by no means a way to find all of your answers but we hope that you can reflect and figure out what is important to you and what steps you can take moving forward!

The following prompts will guide you through the finding purpose journey:

  • Warm-up prompts: to uncover your understanding of purposes in life
  • Finding Meaning: to help you focus on what meaningful activities you want to engage in and what people, objects, topics, or places you care deeply about.
  • Your Life’s legacy: to understand more about your wished-to-have legacy in this life
  • Fulfillment in Life: to understand your ideal vision of fulfillment & current situation and how to fill the gap
  • Dream Big: to uncover your dreams if you feel nothing can hold you back and what can be done to achieve them
  • Reflection: to take notes of what can be explored further

Here is a preview product link that shows exactly what you will get in this Finding Purpose Workbook:

Self-love Workbook

“Why is it so difficult to love ourselves?”

This might be one of the most repeated questions that we ask ourselves in this modern society. Many of us struggle with “Self Love”, even though it should be one of the biggest priorities in our daily lives. We hope that this workbook can help you discover, explore, and reflect on what “Self Love” can mean to you and what kinds of actions could be taken to better love yourself!

The following prompts will guide you through the self-love journey:

  • Examining “Love”: to find your definition of love and self-love
  • Love yourself: to find the qualities that you love about yourself, to recall the experience you feel proud of yourself.
  • Letting go of negativity: to recall the times you feel negative about yourself, convert the negative self-talk to positive ones
  • Prioritizing Self Care: to find ways to take care of yourself better
  • Imagine New Mindset: to transform your mindset and practice “self-love”
  • Reflection: to take notes of what can be explored further & main takeaways to start practicing

Here is a preview product link that shows exactly what you will get in this Self-Love Workbook:

Burnout Check Workbook

In our modern society, burnout can happen to us quickly without realizing it. And many people are confused between being stressed and having burnout because the symptoms are very similar. However, burnout is very different and it can have a long-lasting effect on your life, in both work and personal matters. Our workbook aims to help you reflect, discover, and analyze your current situation and whether or not you may be burnt out. We also hope that it can help you come up with ideas on what steps you could potentially take.

The following prompts will guide you through the burnt-out check journey:

  • Warm-up exercises: to uncover your current understanding of burn-out
  • Burnout or Stress: to figure out if you are burnt out or just stressed
  • Making improvements: to uncover your boundaries, improve on the current issues, set your priorities and learn how to say NO, and finally find your self-care lists
  • Reflection: to take notes of what can be explored further & main takeaways to start practicing

Here is a preview product link that shows exactly what you will get in this Burnout Check Workbook:

Anxiety Relief Workbook

Anxiety and worry are something everyone will experience at some point in their lives. Having anxiety isn’t always a bad thing; it can sometimes help us from doing dangerous things or making rash decisions or keep us motivated to solve issues.

However, anxiety can also impact our lives negatively when it hinders our day-to-day life, especially when our worries become overwhelming and interfere with our daily life and relationships. With this workbook, we hope that it can help you get to the root cause of the anxiety and analyze how you are feeling and what steps you could take!

The following prompts will guide you through the anxiety-relief journey:

  • Examine your anxiety: to uncover what is making you feel anxious
  • Reframe your thoughts: to give a try in converting your mindset from anxiety to a more positive feeling, to analyze the outcome of anxiety and the positive effects of reframing your thoughts
  • Solutions with anxiety: from thinking about the outcome with anxiety, recalling the previous experiences when you feel anxious with the actual results, reaching out to learn more about anxiety
  • Taking steps to work with anxiety: find the activities that can help you relax
  • Reflection: to take notes of what can be explored further & main takeaways to start practicing

Here is a preview product link that shows exactly what you will get in this Anxiety Relief Workbook:

How to start using our Digital & Printable Mental Health Guided Workbook Bundle?

We recommend you start with our FREE sample page to explore our free templates and printables. When you feel that you would like more pages and dive deeper into our digital or printable workbooks, you can upgrade to our full bundle!

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How to download & use it?

mental health guided workbook bundle
  • Digital: Use the PDF version in an app like Good Notes or other digital notebook apps. You can write directly on your tablet/iPad or type into it.
  • Print: We included both A4 and Letter sizes to ensure you have the correct size for your printer. You can either print it out and write on it by hand or print out the digital version after modifying it.

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