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Welcome to our Content Planner Notion Template! This template will help all content creators organize all of their posts, social media platforms, and more. We also use this template ourselves to schedule, plan, and brainstorm for The Organized Notebook! If you’re new to Notion we recommend that you check out our article on how to get started with Notion here!

You can get this Content Planner Template through our store and find our tutorial below:

Update: We have now revamped our content planner template, and it is available in our store! Some functions may be different from the video and tutorial below.


This Content Planning Template is designed so that you can easily see your publishing schedule based on the platform, and plan what tasks are required to finish up each type of content before you publish them. In addition, we have dedicated pages to each of your social media and website platforms as well as a brainstorming section. All of these are customizable for your own needs!

Our Template at a Glance:

Our template is divided into four main sections. We’ve made sure to be as minimal as possible with only two databases so that the template is easy to use and understand!

Here are the four sections:

Platforms: The left-hand side is a section for all of your platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter, and your Website. This is a platform-specific page where you can link your social media page and add any relevant information about your platform.

Publishing Schedule: This area shows a calendar of your publishing schedule. You can also see it based on the platform.

Brainstorming Ideas: Here, you can see all of your brainstorming ideas. If you run out of ideas, you can look here for a quick view of what you could do next.

Content Planner: This is the section that plans out your content into tasks. You can see all the tasks you need to do in a monthly view.

notion content planner


On the left-hand side is a link to all of your platform-specific pages. Link your social media account here for quick access. In addition, you can store things, like frequently used hashtags, video description samples, and any other important information you might need to access here.

If you happen to use a platform outside of what we’ve included, duplicate one of the links and rename them to the platform you’re posting on.

Publishing Schedule:

This is a content planner calendar where you can see your publishing schedule! There are also tabs on the top where you can view by platform. If you need to add a new publishing schedule entry, simply click the + sign on the day you want to add it to. Name your publishing content, Make sure to tag it as “Content”, and fill in at least the “format” and “platform” to make sure everything shows up properly in this template.

Brainstorming Ideas:

In this section, you can add brainstorming ideas. We like to use this space when planning our future content. To add a new “Idea”, make sure to click “+New” in the “Idea” filter tab. Fill in the “Format”, “Platform”, “Status”, and “Priority”. Each entry in the table will open up as a page where you can brainstorm more about your idea.

Content Planner

The content planner section is a calendar of tasks that will help you prepare for your publishing schedule. The views on top include “All Tasks”, which only shows the tasks that you need to do. Each format also has a tab filter, which shows the task for the specific format. This way you can also easily see your workflow.

If you need to add a task in to the content planner, click the + anywhere in the calendar view where you want to add it. Make sure the tag is “Task” and fill in the “format” and “platform” and any other properties. You can also easily stretch out the task if it will take several days.

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