Celebration & Party Planner Notion Template

Welcome to our Celebration & Party Planner Notion Template! This template will help you plan for upcoming holidays, celebrations, and parties! If you are new to Notion, check out our article “What is Notion and How to Get Started”.

Note: some changes have been made to the original template but the functions are overall the same!

You can get this Celebration & Party Planner Notion Template through our store and find our tutorial below:


We’ve designed this Celebration & Party Planner Notion template to include everything you might need when planning your celebrations! There are brainstorming sections for activities and gifts, as well as guest lists and shopping lists.

Our Template at a Glance:

Celebration Notion planner

Mood Picture & Quote: Depending on the season, you can add a corresponding mood picture and quote here.

Celebrations and Anniversaries: Add new celebrations or anniversaries in this section!

My Events: These are specific events you’ve planned corresponding to a celebration that appears above.

Quick Links: All databases relating to this template can be found here. These links are mainly here for your reference, and you likely won’t use them too much.

Add a Celebration or Anniversary:

Click +New in the Celebrations and Anniversaries Section. Fill in the Title, Date, Tag, and Note if needed. The date should be updated every year. Note that this page is meant to be a general page for a specific celebration or anniversary.

Inside each celebration or anniversary, you can find these sections:

Traditions and activities!

Click +New inside here to add a new tradition or activity. You can embed web articles here that can help you brainstorm! Activities can be things like the top Christmas markets, restaurants, or traditional activities relating to the celebration.


You can add specific recipes that relate to the celebration in this section. Click +New to add a new recipe. You can include the ingredients list, instructions, and URLs here.


This is where you’ll want to add a specific event to the celebration. For example, you could add Christmas 2022 event here, and next year, all you need to do is add another event called Christmas 2023. In this way, you can have all of your yearly data relating to Christmas in one place! Click + New to add a new event.

Name the event and a budget if you will be spending money for it. The other values will be calculated for you.

Event Page:

Inside each event page of a celebration, you can find the following sections:

Schedule & To-Do

All you need to do is add specific to-do entries based on your plan. Click on the calendar to add a schedule. Add the title and status and any other relevant information here. For example, if you’re planning a dinner, you can decide when to send invites, buy the ingredients, etc.


The menu section pulls up all of your stored recipes for that celebration or anniversary. All you need to do is to copy the link by ctrl or right-click and paste the link into the appropriate food course.

Shopping List

Next, you can plan your shopping list based on what you have decided with your menu. If you’re sharing this notion page with others, you can add a specific person who’s responsible for buying the item as well.

Guest List

The guest list lets you track who is coming to your event! Click plus new and click on “Guest”. You’ll be able to see a list of people who are already in your contact book database. If you don’t find the person, you can add a new person by typing a new name. When adding a new person to the guest list, you can fill out all of their relevant info which is linked to the contact book database.

Gift List

This is the gift list, where you can plan what to gift to everyone. Add a new gift by clicking + New. You’ll be able to add the item name, price, URL, person, store, and whether it has been purchased and arrived.

Notes and Thoughts

At the end of this page, we have a place to add your notes and thoughts about this event. It can be nice to record your memories or anything good to remember down here!

Useful Quicklinks

We also want to go over some useful quick links, so you know which ones are the most relevant in this template. The Gift Ideas and Contact Book are the two most important quick link databases. You can directly plan gift ideas there if you link them to the appropriate celebration/event. In the Contact book, you can add a person directly there so you’ll see them in other parts of the template.

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