Travel Journal Notion Template (free download)

Welcome to our Travel Journal template, designed through NOTION. We created this template so that you can keep track of all of your travels and the places you want to visit. If you’re not familiar with travel journals we recommend you to check out our article here.

You can get this travel journal template through Gumroad and find our tutorial below: Get This Template


Our travel journal template is packed with features to accommodate every kind of traveler. Not only can you save multiple trips to the same destination, but you can also have “wishlists” of places to research in advance. We also included a dedicated place for you to keep your memories while traveling.

Main View

When you first open the template you’ll see that the page is divided into two sections.

Tutorial for Travel Journal Template

Travel Destinations

This area shows all of your travel destinations in one place. You can view it with different filters like “upcoming”, “wishlist”, “visited”, and “all” by clicking next to “Travel Destinations”. Each destination shows up as a gallery card with the city, country, and trips you’ve taken there.

All about my adventures/My Trips

At the bottom of the main template, there is a list of trips you’ve taken or will take in the future. This is a handy way to see all of your trips in one place! These trips are also linked to the destination so you can also access them from the travel destinations.

How to add a New Destination and New Trip:

The main things you’ll want to add while using the templates are new destinations and new trips.

Destination and new trip

New Destination:

  • Click “new” within “travel destinations” to add a new city.
  • You’ll see that you can click a “Template: Travel Destination”.
  • Make sure to add/edit “city”, “country”, and “tag”
  • You’ll notice there is a section for widgets (Current Weather and Map) which we recommend you to go to Indifyto input the weather widget of the destination and go to Google Map to find the map of your destination and embed the link.

New Trip:

  • Inside a specific travel destination go to “My Trips”
  • Click new and make sure to add the duration.
  • Click “Template: My Trip” inside the specific trip to load the trip template.

Features in “Travel Destination”:

Each destination has features that can inspire you to travel while also collecting logistical information. We’ll show you a breakdown of what you’ll find.

Travel destination
  • Current weather and map
  • Resources: In this section, you can collect local phrases, books, movies and youtube videos, and travel articles.
  • Trips and Relevant Research: This is the area where you can keep more logistical information. In “My Trips” (where we recommend you to add the new trips), you can see all of your trips for that destination. In “Travel Research”, you can add research for Hotel/ Accommodations, Must-go restaurants, Must-visit Attractions, Local food & drink, Events & Activities.

Features in “My Trips”:

Each trip you input is designed with a template to help you with the specific trip you are planning! It also allows you to jot down your memories.

My trips

Here are the features you’ll find:

  • Travel Schedule
  • To-Do list
  • Packing list
  • Budget Tracker
  • Important Documents
  • Memory Journal
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