Task Dashboard Notion Template

Our Task Dashboard Notion template is the perfect way to keep track of your tasks and to-do list! This Notion template is for those who want a simple but practical approach to task management and staying on top of your to-do list. We created and used this template ourselves, and it has been a great help in managing our day-to-day tasks.

See our article here for some new ways to keep track of your to-do list.

This template has been modified and revamped into our to-do list template. You can find it in our store!


One of the key features of this task dashboard is that it includes necessary features without too much clutter. We wanted to make sure that the template is simple enough to use so you can focus on your tasks.

Our template at a glance

Here is our template at a glance! There are three main sections to help plan any current projects.

  • Check-in your month: Each month, you can check-in and write in your goals, results, reminders, and brain dump into a separate box. This is great for reminding yourself every day of the bigger picture.
  • My tasks at a glance: You can view your tasks on a calendar in this section. Scheduling your tasks will make it easier to finish them.
  • My to-do list for today: You’ll be able to see your to-do list for today, tomorrow, and yesterday here. In addition, you can see your tasks based on priority.

How to use Check-in your month

In this section, you can write your goals, results, reminders, and brain dump that will stay there the whole month. This way, you can see a bigger picture of what you want to accomplish and keep yourself grounded. We also designed this template so that you can create your categories. Make sure to include the month when you add “new”!

How to use My tasks at a glance

task at a glance

We felt that a calendar view of tasks was a great way to look at tasks broadly. It’s also possible to view them based on category so that the calendar seems less cluttered when you’re focused on one specific type of task. When adding a new task, you need to add “new” or click the “plus” sign directly in the calendar. Make sure to fill in the priority, status, category, and assigned to (if working as a team).

How to use My to-do list for today

task dashboard notion template

Scroll down to this section for a clear idea of the day’s tasks and to-do list. In this section, you can see tasks based on priority. In addition, it’s easy to only see the to-do list for today. We also made it possible to see the tasks from yesterday and tomorrow so you can look at what happened yesterday and look towards the next day!

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