10 ways to read more this year!

Reading is a fascinating activity that has both physical and mental health benefits. It can be hard to stay motivated to read when we can choose from so many different forms of entertainment. The most important thing is to rediscover the joy of reading and make sure it is an enjoyable and relaxing activity!

10 ways to read more!

If you want to incorporate more reading into your life, here are 10 ways to read more this year:

1. Create a cozy reading space

One of the best ways to feel inspired to read is by having a cozy reading space. Find the comfiest cushions, chairs, and bookshelves. Try to decorate your space with things that make you feel relaxed and make sure that it’s an organized space. The last thing you want to think about while reading is that you have to clean your house!

2. Don’t be afraid to read in other formats

These days books can come in many formats! If you’re used to reading paper books, you could try what it’s like with an e-book or even audiobook. E-books can be more convenient because you can get the books quickly without having to go and get a physical one.

Similarly, if you usually consume books in digital formats, try reading a hardcover paper book. Changing up your routine could make you more excited about reading.

3. Make a list of books you want to read

Simply making a list of “want to read” books can be motivating! Think about why you want to read them and what attracts you to them. Find some books in genres that you don’t usually read. It can be exciting to make a list, but make sure it’s not too long that you’ll get overwhelmed by your booklist.

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4. Get book recommendations from friends

A fun way to be inspired to read is by asking friends for recommendations! Your friends usually share similar tastes and you might find your next favorite book.

5. Join a book club

Book clubs are wonderful for staying motivated because everyone is reading the same book at the same time. You’ll have a chance to discuss the books so it is also a social activity! Book clubs give you the chance to connect with new people and new books.

6. Don’t feel pressured to finish a book you don’t enjoy

If you don’t enjoy reading a particular book, it’s ok to stop reading it. Instead, pick up a book that you enjoy. We often have the idea that we need to read a certain book because “everyone” is reading it or it’s a bestseller.

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7. Make reading a habit

Habits can help make reading a regular activity in your daily routine. If you don’t already have a reading habit, try to form one so it becomes ingrained in your life.

8. Set a dedicated reading time

Similar to making a reading habit, setting up a dedicated time in your schedule can help you stick to reading. Many people choose to read before bedtime to eliminate screen time. Another popular time is on the daily train commute. Find what time during the day is best for you.

9. Use a book journal

Journaling about the books you read can keep you more connected to your reading material. If you enjoy writing, this can also put your two hobbies together. Think about some writing prompts that you can answer about the book. Check out our Book Library Notion template here, if you’d like a digital way to keep a book journal.

10. Go to the local library

Your local library can be one of the best places to find new books to read. Find a couple of books to borrow and take them home. What’s great is that you don’t need to commit to reading them as you would if you bought the books. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to the library staff. They are usually book-lovers that can give you great book recommendations.

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