Notion Update Release (September 2022)

Notion has been coming out with so many updates recently. Today, we wanted to share some new Notion updates for September! We’re particularly excited about some of the super useful database updates. If you’re new to Notion be sure to check out our Notion beginner tips here.

1. Easy Board View edits!

Before this update, you had to manually click open each item in a board view to make changes! Now, you can simply edit the title and its properties that are shown on the card. Make sure to make these properties visible so that you can edit them. First, click the three dots in the right hand corner of the board view. Click properties and make properties visible by toggling the eye icon. Now if you hover a card in your board view you will be able to directly edit this information.

2. Drag a value from one cell to fill other cells

This is a neat update where you can easily fill the same information inside tables. When using a table view database, drag the small circle in the bottom corner of a table cell up and down. This will fill all other empty cells.

3. Improvements to Synced Databases with Jira and GitHub

This is an exciting new feature where you can easily sync Jira boards and GitHub pull requests. We won’t go into too much detail as not everyone uses Jira and Github but this could be useful for those who use them. All you need to do is to connect these apps and log in. First, go to settings and members on the left-hand side of your Notion workspace. Click my connected apps and connect Jira or Github.

Now, you’ll be able to paste links from Jira or GitHub that you want to show as a database. When pasting you’ll have the option to paste as a database. All the information will be synced there and you’ll also be able to customize the way the database items are displayed.

4. A new section for relation properties in database pages

This feature is especially useful if you have one database related to another “sub” database. For example, in a situation when you have a database of main tasks and a database of sub-tasks that are connected to each other, it could be useful.

Let’s take an example where there is a database of tasks and a separate related database of sub-tasks. When you go to the task page, you’ll be able to see all of the connected sub-tasks in your main task. You can now make these related pages as a separate page section where you can directly add more sub-tasks. Simply go to the three dots on the top of the page and click customize page. Next to properties you can change to “As page section”. Now you can easily add new sub-tasks directly to the task! (Note that this will probably be easier to understand if you watch our video!)

5. New search features!

The new search features are a fantastic addition to Notion. Before it was called Quick Find and now it has been renamed search. You can access the search from the left sidebar. A quick tip for searching on Notion is to use Ctrl + p. The search window will immediately pop up.

In this new update, you’ll now be able to see all of your recently visited pages, and improved filter options, and you can wrap a search term with quotes to find an exact phrase.

6. New Teamspaces!

If you have the team plan on Notion you can now add Teamspaces. This is great so that you don’t have to create brand new workspaces. Teamspaces are smaller workspace within a large workspace. All you need to do is click “+ New Teamspace” to create a new Teamspace. Each Teamspace can have its own privacy, invite, and access settings! Click the three dots in the Teamspace to change the settings.

7. Easily see page history

You can now see when the page was created and updated last. It will also say who made these changes! This information appears on the top part of the page!

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