Notion Update Release (October 2022)

Notion has been coming out with more new updates. Today we want to share all of the new features since our last Notion update article/video! We’re especially excited about some editor improvements that will make building Notion pages more enjoyable. If you missed our September update check it out here.

1. Editor Improvements!

Spell-check is now more reliable when you use it. To fix misspelled words, just right click the misspelled word to find all of your options.

Typing new entries in to-do, bullet, and number list is even easier. You can just press the return key at the start of one of these entries to create a new to-do, bullet, or number list item.

If a table or database is the last block on a page, just click below it to create a new block! It’s much more seamless to add extra blocks to your pages.

Strikethrough has a new shortcut! It is Ctrl/cmd + Shift + X or Ctrl/cmd + Shift + S

2. Browse all images on one page

Double-click any image on your page to browse all images on the page. If you have a long page full of pictures and text, it can be easier to go through them all with this Notion update.

3. Choose the type when you create new properties

In the past, new properties defaulted to text. Now you can choose the type when you create new properties in a database. This makes your workflow even easier!

4. More flexible column widths

You’re no longer limited by your margin widths when setting column widths! You can explore new formats and page layouts with these improvements.

5. Third-party app connection setting improvements

Integration with third-party apps are renamed connections! You can access settings for each page by going to the three dots on the top right side of the page. Click + add connection to add these third-party app connections. You can also manage your settings through that same location.

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