Notion Update Release (November 2022)

We think it’s amazing that Notion is constantly improving and coming out with new features. In this article, we’ll be sharing all of the new features since our last Notion update article. If you prefer a video format, we have a youtube video below!

1. Set an expiration date for public pages

If you want to share your page publically for a set time period, you can accomplish this by choosing when the link expires under “Share to web”. Note that this is only a feature that can be set in the paid Notion plan. This is perfect if you have a marketing page that will only be applicable for a set amount of time.

2. @mentions work dynamically in database templates

A wonderful new feature for any database template is the ability to add @mentions to your template. These will work dynamically. For example, this means that you can ensure you have today’s date on every meeting entry.

To set a default template with an @mention go to the “New” part of the database and click the down arrow on the top right-hand side. You can add this @mention into a default template.

3. Interact with text on images in your iOS app

This is an interesting new feature where you can add images with text to your Notion app. The text in the image will be selectable, copyable, and translatable. You can even click on URLs, save numbers, and use QR codes. This unfortunately is still only on iPhone XS and newer models with iOS 16.

4. Notion web clipper with recipes

Adding recipes through web clipper works even better. You can easily see the recipe that you clip from other sites into your Notion workspace. We especially like that you can even get the checkboxes for the ingredients list to show up! If you’re new to Notion’s web clipper be sure to check out our notion web clipper tutorial article here.

5. New and Updated connections

Link previews work even better with new and updated connections. Some new connections include Box and Lucid. Improved connections are with GitLab and Asana. Repositories or projects will render into a unique Notion database. Be sure to check what are the latest connections you can add to your Notion workspace by going to the settings. These improved preview links will not work unless the Notion workspace is connected through the settings.

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