Notion Update Release 2023 (Full Guide)

January 2023

1. Sub-items in Databases

Subitems are a new feature that lets you put new database entries underneath the main item. This can be useful if you have sub-tasks within a main task or pages that elaborate onto a main page.

Go to your table layout database. Click the three dots at the top of the database.

Click on Sub-items; now, you should be able to add sub-items through toggles!

Break tasks into manageable steps with sub-tasks and dependencies

2. New Dependencies in Timeline

This is a new feature in timeline databases. You can add dependencies so that you can see what your workflow is and what tasks are necessary to complete before moving to the next one. Click the three dots in a timeline layout database. Click dependencies so you can add this feature. You can now use arrows to connect different database items to set the direction of your work and task flow.

Break tasks into manageable steps with sub-tasks and dependencies

3. Desktop App tabs

There are now tabs on the desktop Notion app so that you can easily navigate your pages! You can add a new tab to your window if you click the plus sign at the top of your page. Remember these keyboard shortcuts for even easier navigation!

Cmd/Ctrl + Click to open a new tab

Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + N to open a new window

Cmc/Ctrl + Number to switch workspaces

4. Links open in App

Before, links always tried to open in your browser’s Notion. Now you can set it to open in your desktop app. Go to your “settings and members” and “my notifications and settings”. Then you can adjust “open links in desktop app”.

5. Easy Edits in Database List View

You can now edit quickly in the database list view. You can change it without opening up each page of the database.

6. Default skin tone and icon color

When you add an emoji or icon to your page, you’ll now see an option to set a default skin tone and icon color. This color and skin tone will be pre-selected as the default setting when you use them again.

7. “This week” filter

There is a new filter to filter your database items by “this week.” This helps if you need to see all your tasks for the week.

8. Free and Priced Plan Changes

Notion has new plan changes to both the paid and free plans. Check Notion’s website for updated pricing and free plan changes.

December 7, 2022 – Expanded Free Plan & new Business Plan

Notion introduces expanded Free Plan & new Business Plan

9. Notion is available in German

Notion is available in German! Change your settings in “Settings & Members” and go to “Language & Region”.

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