Notion Icons Tips and Tricks (+Free Download Custom Icons)

There’s no better way to add some personality to Notion pages than with Notion’s icons! In this article, we’ll be going over some tips and tricks that will help your page come to life; including where to find icons, various icon options, and finally how to make your own. We’ve also included a special bonus of 10 free custom icons that you can download from Gumroad.

Included Icons in Notion:

First, let’s go over all of your included Notion Icon options! Since the new update with Notion’s special Icon set, there is even more customizability even with the included icons.

There are three main options when clicking on an open Notion icon slot:

Emoji: These are the regular set of emojis that you’ve likely used before when typing texts and emails! Emojis can brighten a page because they are colorful and familiar to many people.

Icons: This is a custom icon set included by Notion which allows you to customize the color using Notion’s own color palette. These are much easier to coordinate into Notion pages.

Custom: We’ll be going over this later, but you can add either a link to icon images or upload icon files.

Unique places you can add icons:

The next thing we wanted to point out is some unique places to add icons! The icon on the top of the page is the most obvious place for icons, but there are actually some hidden places to add icons.

Database titles:

You can add icons to database titles by adding them as an icon on the main database page.

Type “/database” to make a database and then you can open it as a page. All you need to do is add an icon to this database page, and everywhere you add the database will have the same icon.

Database entries:

Adding icons inside database entries can also add a new look to your database. This can be done by adding the icon when you open a database entry page. Click “open” to make a new page inside the database and add an icon.

Database templates:

If you want to take this further, you can add the icon as a prebuilt template for database entries. Click “+ new template” next to “new” in the database. Set it as a default template. Now, every new page you add will have the same icon!

Callout boxes:

Another fun place to add icons is inside callout boxes. Type “/callout” to get a callout box. You can click inside it to find the icon slot!

Where to find unique custom Icons:

We have some unique resources for finding custom icons which we are excited to share with all of you.

One of our favorite places for custom icons is You can easily find icons by typing a keyword, but be aware that not all icons are free to use so read the license.

All you need to do is right-click the icon image and save the address to the image! Then, go to your notion page and add the link under the custom Icon! You could also download the image to upload if you wish.

Another great resource is This website has some amazing customization options and you can simply click on them to copy the link. Just add them as a link under custom Icon.

We also like for custom icons because of the ability to toggle for dark mode! These icons are sourced from sites like Flaticon but it’s still nice to see a full list of curated icons. Just click on the icon to copy the link and paste as a custom icon.


We love this site for custom icons because of their huge library! What is especially unique is their collection of animated icons, which you can use on Notion pages. The UI is clean and enjoyable to use as well.

Use IConic for easy access to custom Icons:

Let’s go over a handy new chrome extension that can save custom icons! Here is the link to IConic:

Once you download this in your chrome browser, you can save icons by adding them as a link in your notion pages. Note that custom icons are only saved when inserted as links and not when uploading them. This also only works in the browser and will not work when opening Notion outside chrome.

How to make your own Notion Icons:

Feeling like none of the icons you find online fit your style? Try and make your own! If you already use graphic design software you could make one with an invisible background just make sure that the size is 280 x 280 pixels. Then, upload the icon as a file.

If you’re not as versed in graphic design, we highly recommend using to make custom icons. Simply create a design with a custom size of 280 x 280 pixels. You can search for different graphics, customize them, and place them in the middle of the square.

With a Canva pro account, you can easily remove the background when downloading. Otherwise, the icon will have a white color background. You can use a background-removing website like if you don’t have Canva pro.

Once you have the downloaded icon, you simply need to upload the file to the custom icon slot!

Download our free custom Icon Set:

We also have 10 free custom-made Icons that we have available for download! We’ll leave a link to it from Gumroad. Once you download it all you need to do is upload them as files.

Notion Icons

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