Note-Taking Notion Template Bundle

Welcome to our Note-Taking Notion Template bundle! This bundle features a place to store your notes and notebooks and four different note-taking notion templates. We believe you should use different methods for note-taking depending on your needs. In this bundle, we’ve included a Cornell note template, outline note template, chart note template, an SQ3R note template, and more!

You can see our article here for more information on different note-taking methods!

note taking notion template

You can get this Note-Taking Notion Template Bundle through our store and find our tutorial below:


One of the highlights of this Note-Taking Notion Template bundle is that it features multiple templates in one place. It’s an all-in-one way to take notes and try out different note-taking methods!

Our template at a glance

Here is our template at a glance! We’ve covered everything you might need to keep digital notebooks with various note templates.

  • 15 Types of Note-taking templates: There are 4 types of note templates you can choose from. All of them are based on different note-taking methods.
  • My Topics: Here you can store different notes depending on your topic. You can easily see all of your topics in one place
  • My Notes: All of your latest notes get displayed here and you can go to your latest notes by clicking it.
  • Dark and Light Mode: built in topic cover photos allow the template to look good in both light and dark mode.

The 15 types of Note-taking templates

At the top, you’ll see a list of the 15 types of note-taking templates. You can access the note-taking templates individually here. However, if you’re using the full note-taking bundle it’s best not to touch these templates. Instead, you can choose a note template when you add a new note.

We have 15 different note templates to choose from. We recommend that you select the template that fits your note-taking needs. The note templates include: 5W1H, Academic Journal Review, Boxing Note, Chart Note, Cornell Note, Review Note, Lecture Note, Meeting Note-Classic, Meeting Note-SOAP, Outline Note, Pros & Cons Note, Reading Note, Sentence Note, SWOT Note, SQ3R Note.

How to use “Topics”

In “Topics” you can create new topics and store your notes. Click “+New” to add a new notebook. You can add a cover photo and title to your notebook based on the topic. Make sure to click the “notebook template” inside the new notebook. This way, new notes related to your notebook will be displayed here.

In this template, we have added 10 built in topic covers that work in light and dark color! Try them out in light or dark mode by going to your Notion -> Settings -> My Settings -> Appearance to change to light or dark.

How to use “My Notes”

In “My Notes”, you can see all of your recent notes, notes you need to review, and notes ordered by when you created them. You can add new notes by clicking “+New”. This will add a new note. On the note page make sure to select the correct topic for your note! Also, don’t forget to choose your note-taking template inside the note page.

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