Inspirational Notion Cover Photo Set | 60 Photos

Welcome to our Inspirational Notion Cover Photo Set!

These cover photos were designed with the idea to inspire and uplift while using your Notion workspace!

The Cover Photo is the first thing you see when you open your Notion pages. It’s the best place to have a positive message to look at as you use Notion for productivity, reflection, note-taking, and more!

Here are some samples from our cover photo set:

notion cover photos

How to start using our Cover Photos?

You can get these Cover Photos through Gumroad and find more details below.

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What’s included in the STANDARD BUNDLE?

  • 6 cover photos “Breathe & Stay Calm”
  • 6 cover photos “Stay True To Your Heart”
  • 6 cover photos “Embrace Differences”
  • 6 cover photos “Be Grateful”
  • 6 cover photos “Life is a Blessing”
  • 6 cover photos “Remember Why You Started”
  • 6 cover photos “Live The Life You Imagine”
  • 6 cover photos “Dream Big”
  • 6 cover photos “Believe in Yourself”
  • 6 cover photos Plain- No Quote

For a detailed tutorial on customizing and using cover photos, check out our article here!


How to download the Cover photos?
Once you make the purchase, open the zip file. You can start using them by uploading them to your Notion pages. Make sure to reposition them to fit your style.

Wish to have more features?
Send us your feature requests via the following link and we will select the top-voted requests to create new updates.

Have more questions?
Send your feedback or questions to our email at We’re happy to help!

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