How to Create an Easy Content Planner using Notion?

Why Notion for Content Planning? 📅

Notion stands out as a versatile and powerful content planning tool as it enables users to customize their workspace to fit their specific needs, making it the perfect tool for content creators of all types. It is a fantastic productivity tool that can transform the way you organize and plan your content.

With Notion, you can brainstorm your ideas, prepare content drafts, set up schedules, and collaborate with team members within a single workspace. This seamless integration of functions reduces the clutter of managing various platforms, resulting in a streamlined and efficient content planning process.

In this article, we will guide you through the key aspects of using Notion as a content planner. We will also present the best tips to stay organized, elevate your creativity, streamline your workflow, and achieve your content goals with ease.

Stay till the end to get access to a limited-free template to kickstart your social media planning journey!

Setting Up Your Notion Account

Firstly, you need to set up a Notion account if you haven't already. Notion offers both free and paid versions, with the free version being more than sufficient for content planning.

➡️ Simply sign up here: Remember, we are a Notion Partner, so when you sign up with our link, you also help support us and our content!

Source: Notion Website, 2024

Create a Content Planner in Notion

Notion's flexible interface allows you to customize a planner to meet your specific needs. You have the option to create a simple table for your content, add tags for better searchability, and incorporate a calendar view for a visual overview of your content schedule.

However, the most crucial aspect is to ensure that the planner is functional and interconnected. Always start with a simple, practical template and brainstorm the key objectives you want to accomplish before building your content planner.

Below are some key functions we highly recommend you include in your content planner template.

Source: EASY Content Planner Notion Template - The Organized Notebook, 2024

Publishing Calendar

A simple calendar view Notion's database will help you categorize your content ideas, set deadlines, and track progress seamlessly.

  • Content Title: This is the working title for your content piece. It helps to keep track of the content and its purpose.
  • Content Type: This indicates whether the content is a blog post, social media post, video, podcast, etc.
  • Content Status: This indicates the stage of the content in the creation process, such as idea generation, drafting, editing, or published.
  • Publishing Date: This is the date when the content is scheduled to be published.
  • Assigned Team Member: This section is for who is responsible for creating, editing, or publishing the content.
  • Media & Files: where you can link documents, media files and research materials directly to your content calendar.

Source: EASY Content Planner Notion Template - The Organized Notebook, 2024


Listing tasks in a content planner is crucial as it helps you visualize the workflow for each piece of content. It breaks down the process into manageable steps, assigns responsibility for each task, and ensures that every aspect of your content creation is accounted for. This leads to better organization, and efficient use of resources, and helps keep your content production on track.

Source: EASY Content Planner Notion Template - The Organized Notebook, 2024

AI features

Notion AI can assist in content creation by generating outlines, suggesting headlines, and even writing drafts for you. This can significantly speed up the content creation process and allow you to focus on other important aspects of your content strategy.

So, we highly recommend you integrate AI into your Notion content planner. It might be the game-changer you need to take your content planning to the next level. We will cover this aspect in more detail in our upcoming blog posts!


Source: Content Planner (+AI) Notion Template - The Organized Notebook, 2024

Want to learn more?

Check out our video tutorial: "How to Create a Social Media Content Planner in Notion!" We will walk you through building the template in Notion from scratch and take your content planning & organization to a new level!

By the end of this tutorial, you'll have a fully functional content planner in Notion. Open the video below in YouTube for the limited free code!

🌟 Looking for more features to take your content planning to the next level? 📅✨

We created two powerful content planner templates: without and with AI features. These templates will help you can organize your posts across social media platforms, store resources, and arrange tasks.

Content Planner (without AI)

The content planner comprises a publishing schedule for tracking posts, a platforms section to organize content across different media, and a task manager linked to the schedule for efficient work tracking. It also includes a brainstorming area for idea generation, a favorite creators section for inspiration, a content database for storing scripts and clips, and a resources section for platform-specific materials like hashtags and descriptions.


Content Planner (+ AI features)

This template includes everything from the previous version, plus AI Assistance. It features AI properties, AI Brainstorming, and AI custom content blocks. These tools can generate ideas and suggestions for social media captions and YouTube descriptions!

Final Note

Unlocking the full potential of your content planning journey with Notion might be a game-changer for productivity and organization. Through our blog article and tutorial video, you’re already one step closer to a more organized content planning process.

So, why wait? Let’s open your Notion workspace and start building with us!

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