Workbook: 6 Steps from Goals to Systems

Welcome to our “6 Steps from Goals to Systems Workbook” This PDF download is designed to help you apply the concepts from “How to combine goals and systems: The ultimate pathway to success” to your own life. If you haven’t checked out that article yet, we recommend you read it first, so you have an understanding of the key concepts!

6 steps from goals to systems

You can get the “6 Steps from Goals to Systems (Downloadable Workbook)” from Gumroad below! You can write on it electronically using a tablet or print it out. Get this workbook!


Our “6 Steps from Goals to Systems” is a workbook that helps you take any goal, translate them into good goals, and ultimately create a manageable system that relies on small daily improvements.

Here is our 6-step system:


1. Brain Dump

Write out all of your thoughts related your goals & plan of progression. Don’t be afraid if it is a good or bad goal; keep writing it out.


2. Categorize

Categorize these goals into “Non-guaranteed” & “Guaranteed”. For instance, a non-guaranteed goal is to win a running marathon. A guaranteed goal is to be able to run every day.


3. Convert

Translate your non-guaranteed goals into things that you can accomplish. For example, a non-guaranteed goal, “I want to read more” can be converted into “I want to read 1 chapter of a book every day”. “I want to read more” is a non-guaranteed because it doesn’t specify how much is “more”. There is no clear metric to know when you’ve accomplished this.


4. Prioritize

Arrange the order of the guaranteed goals from high-to-low priority. We recommend you prioritize the most feasible goals.


5. Break It Down

Start with your highest priority goal and break it down into the smallest sections. For example: “I want to become a more consistent runner”, can be broken down into “Put on your running shoes every afternoon.”


6. Track Progress

Track your progress & enjoy small wins. We prepared 3 different habit tracker templates for choosing the one that fits your style most.

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