Journal Cover Photos - Optimized for Gallery View

Welcome to our Journal Cover Photos – Optimized for Notion’s Gallery View!

To create a clean, aesthetic, and visually pleasing Notion workspace cover photos are essential! We wanted to share cover photos specifically designed for gallery view. This is perfect for those who journal on Notion and want to have different cover photos for different journals.

How to start using our Cover Photos?

You can get these Cover Photos through Gumroad and find more details below.

Get These Photos

Note: We ensure most of our templates and products have FREE versions so anyone can access them. We would greatly appreciate any support to keep doing this. ♥️

Here are some ways to support us: purchase our templates/products and subscribe to our Youtube channel. And make sure to check out our Website for regular updates!

What is included in the Standard Version?

The standard version includes 5 Gallery View Cover Photos to try them out!

What is included in the Premium Version?

The premium version includes 30 Gallery view cover photos, so you have wider possibilities for decorating your workspace!

How to use the Journal Gallery View Cover Photos:

Our Journal Cover Photos are designed with gallery view in mind. If you’re new to gallery view we’ll walk you through how to do it in this video. After downloading the photos just follow this video.


How to download the photos?

Once you make the purchase, open the zip file and start adding them to your Notion workspace cover photos.

For the downloadable Journal Covers, you’ll need to open the file and start uploading them to your Notion pages.

Wish to have more features?

Send us your feature requests via the following link, and we will select the top-voted requests to create new updates for the template.

Have questions about the photos?

Send your feedback or questions to our email at

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