Family Organizer Notion Template

family organizer notion template

Have you spent a lot of time organizing your family information? These tasks can be keeping track of dates, storing documents, and handling kids-related tasks. In this article, we’d love to introduce our Family Organizer Notion Template as a tool to improve communication and coordination among family members.

Notion can be a wonderful tool for all family members to become aware of upcoming activities and events. Furthermore, it can help you get more organized with contacts, shared documents, medication, photo galleries. We hope this template will help your family stay more organized, and reduce stress in storing and retrieving family-related information.

Why Keep a Family Planner on Notion?

Currently, there is no specific solution dedicated to helping families arrange and organize within their households. Families are still storing information in folders on cloud-based services and sharing simple to-do lists to divide the household chores. On the other hand, Notion is an excellent and versatile tool that enables us to build this template for you.

So why not give our template a try to save more time and and be more organized?

Key Features

Our template comes with all the necessary functions to stay organized within your household. The main homepage will give you a cosy look with a lovely family picture. You will also see a “Quick Links” section and a glimpse of all important dates and schedules by family members.

family organizer homepage

Our Family: Here, you can store all information related to your family members, such as the member’s schedule, important documents, medications, allergies & intolerances, and a photo gallery. Whenever you need to record information related to a family member, try to start recording from here rather than using other links.

family organizer family member database

Family Calendar: Keep track of the monthly and weekly schedule. Here, you can even get a quick glance at the tasks for today and tomorrow by family members. This function will greatly help you keep track of the important tasks/chores and get them done!

family organizer calendar database

Important Contacts: Record and share contacts with each other, such as babysitters, doctors, family, relatives, teachers, and especially emergency contacts. This will save a lot of time for everyone, as recording information separately would take time and effort to share one by one.

family organizer contact database

Family Documents: Here, you can store documents by person or by type of document. Some examples are personal ID, passports, certificates, licenses and so on.

family organizer document database

Allergies & Intolerances: Take note of the family members’ allergies, symptoms, severity level, and how to deal with their allergies. This function can be very helpful when you have to share with other people outside of your household.

family organizer allergies database

Medication List: Store medication lists and group them by person. Don’t forget to record how often to take the medicine, the expiration date, the prescription required, and further notes.

family organizer medication database

Family Photo Gallery: Upload and present beautiful photos of your family.

family organizer photo gallery

Babysitter Notebook: This is a database of all information sheets you can export and show to your babysitters. It is meant to be used with a pre-filled sub-template. We explain how to do this in the instructions, so you can minimize writing the same thing over again!

family organizer babysitter notebook

How to Download Our Family Planner Notion Template?

You can obtain our template through our store via the link below! You’ll gain access to a copy of the template when you purchase the template. Simply click the “Duplicate” button to add it to your workspace.

Want to Share Your Thoughts on Our Template?

If you have ideas, feedback, or specific requests, we’re eager to hear from you. Please share your thoughts, feedback, or requests through this link: Feedback Link. We’ll prioritize the most highly-voted suggestions to create exciting new updates for the template 🌟.

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