Digital/Printable Meal Planner (Full Bundle)

Digital Meal Planner

Welcome to our Digital & Printable Meal Planner (Full Bundle)!

Meal planning can be a helpful method for people looking to save time, money, and stress in their daily lives. By planning out meals in advance, you can arrange meals in a healthy manner, save money by buying ingredients in bulk, and reduce the amount of time spent each day deciding what to eat.

Our Digital Meal Planner can help streamline this process and make meal planning even easier for you with 32 versions and 70 pages. You can customize this planner with your own recipes, pictures, meal planning, and more. You can also use it as a printable physical planner or as a PDF digital planner in apps like Good Notes!

What is included?

Downloadable PDF format – | A4, Letter size | BW & Color

  • Recipe Book Templates – 7 Versions
  • Weekly Meal Planner Templates – 6 ver.
  • Shopping List Templates- 4 ver.
  • Inventory List Templates – 3 ver.
  • Meal Journal Templates – 7 ver.
  • Bonus Note Page Templates – 5 ver.
  • Bonus Cover Photo Templates – 25 ver.
Digital/printable Recipe book and meal planning what is included

Section 1: Recipe Book

There are 7 different recipe templates so that you can mix and match into your unique recipe books. Each recipe template includes the following essential information

  • Recipe rating, meal type/ meal category
  • Prep time, Cook time, Serves
  • Ingredients
  • Directions
  • Photos (optional)

Wondering how the different versions look? Check it out here:

Digital Printable Recipe Book

Section 2: Weekly Meal Planner

Six weekly meal planner templates are designed with different styles to match diverse meal planning needs. Yet, they all allow users to arrange meals from Monday to Sunday by different meal types, from breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner

Wondering how the different versions look? Check it out here:

Digital Printable Weekly Planner

Section 3: Shopping List

The shopping lists are designed with a minimalist look with notes for budget and actual spending. They will surely make your shopping experience fun, yet organized.

Wondering how the different versions look? Check it out here:

Digital Printable Shopping List

Section 4: Inventory List

The inventory list templates include essential information about your stock: item name, expired date, quantity, etc.

Wondering how the different versions look? Check it out here:

Inventory List

Section 5: Meal Journal

There are 7 completely different templates for your meal journal activities

  • Meal journal goals: where you can record goals related to eating and meal prepping.
  • 30-day meal challenge: where you can set your challenge and track your progress (for e.g., 30-day no soda / fast food)
  • Meal plan tracker: where you can track your meal plan habit or your eating habit during a month
  • My daily journal: where you can jot down your eating activities during the day, how they make you feel, and note down the food intake (optional)

Wondering how the different versions look? Check it out here:

digital printable meal journal

Section 6 & 7: Bonus Note pages & Cover photos

This is where you can get extra note pages and beautiful cover photos that we pre-designed for you to make your planner book become visually alive!

Digital and Printable Notes Pages
Cover Photos Digital Printable Meal Planner

How to start using our Digital/Printable Meal Planner?

We recommend you start with our FREE sample page to explore our free templates and printables. When you feel that you would like more pages and dive deeper into digital or printable meal planning, you can upgrade to our full bundle!

Digital/Printable Meal Planner Bundle – 32 versions | PDF | A4, Letter size | BW & Color

Get this Bundle!

What if I don’t need the entire bundle?

We also broke down our full bundle into smaller products in case you don’t need the full bundle:

  • Digital/Printable Meal Journal – 7 Versions | PDF | A4 & Letter size | BW & Color
  • Digital/Printable Shopping List & Inventory Tracker – 7 Versions | PDF | A4 & Letter size | BW & Color
  • Digital/Printable Weekly Meal Planner – 6 Versions | PDF | A4 & Letter size | BW & Color
  • Digital/Printable Recipe Book – 7 Versions | PDF | A4 & Letter size | BW & Color

How to download & use it?

  • Digital: Use the PDF version in an app like Good Notes or other digital notebook apps. You can write directly on your tablet/iPad or type into it.
  • Print: We included both A4 and Letter sizes to ensure you have the correct size for your printer. You can either print it out and write on it by hand or print out the digital version after modifying it.
How to use digital and printable meal planner

Questions, Comments, Suggestions

If you have any trouble or questions about downloading or using it, please contact us by email at We’re always happy to help and improve from your feedback!

Refund Policy

If you have any issues with this product, please get in touch with us at We cannot offer refunds as it is impossible for us to tell if you used the product or not. However, we are happy to help and solve any problems!

Want to share your thoughts on our Digital Meal Planner?

Send us your thoughts, feedback or requests via the link We will select the top-voted ones to create new updates for the template 🌟.

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