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Welcome to our Digital & Printable Habit Tracker Notebook!

Forming a good habit or breaking a bad one can be life-changing. Above all, it is difficult to keep a good habit and get rid of a bad one. Habit trackers have become a popular and powerful tool for people to monitor their progress and stay aligned with their original goals. Habit tracking enables us to gain more insight into our behaviors, raise our motivation, and keep us accountable.

Our Digital & Printable Habit Tracker Notebook aims to help facilitate the process of setting your habit goals, recording your habit behaviors, reflecting on your habit-tracking progress, and taking notes of your performance. With this Digital & Printable Habit Tracker Notebook, you will have an organized place to record your habits and reflect on what you can do better. Don’t forget you can customize this notebook with your own pictures, emojis/ stickers, and more.

What is included in Standard Version?

If you want a feel for our digital printables, the standard version is the perfect way to get started!

Downloadable PDF format – | A4 & Letter size | BW & Color

  • Standard Version: Habit Tracker Notebook – 2 Versions

What is included in the Premium Version?

If you feel like you want more versions to mix and match your own habit tracker notebook, the premium version includes more pages!

Downloadable PDF format | A4, Letter size | BW & Color

  • Premium Version: Habit Tracker Notebook – 19 Versions
    • Goal Setting: 5 versions (page 4 – 9)
    • Habit Tracker: 8 versions (page 10 – 18)
    • Reflection: 2 versions (page 19 – 22)
    • Note pages: 4 versions (page 23 – 27)

Section 1: Goal Setting

There are five different template versions in this section so you can choose based on your individual needs. The purpose of these goal-setting templates is to facilitate your reflection process and your habit tracker needs. It is also highly recommended to set the primary goal of who you want to become and later break them down into smaller goals.

We recommend you brainstorm and find answers for these areas below:

  • Categories in your life that need improvement
  • Main goal and sub-goals
  • Habits that can help you achieve these goals
  • Strategy to build your habit system
  • Rewards for keeping up with good habits
habit tracker goal setting

We have also prepared a lot of different resources on the topic of habits & habit trackers. Don’t forget to read more here:

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Section 2: Habit Trackers

In this section, we have prepared 8 different habit trackers so that they can fit your diverse needs. Need to track your habit on a weekly basis, monthly basis, or even need a 100-day challenge? We’ve got that covered!

Don’t forget to set your rewards so that you stay motivated during the whole process!

habit tracker

Section 3: Reflection

There are 2 different templates in this section. The purpose of this reflection part is to enable you to reflect upon your performance and figure out a way to improve it by answering these questions

  • Habit that I tracked?
  • How did it go? What are the results?
  • What did I learn?
  • How do I feel after tracking these habits?
  • Did I successfully form any of the habits? Why did it work?
  • Which habits didn’t work for me? What could be improved?
reflection habit tracker

Section 4: Note pages

In this section, you can find extra note pages to take notes during your habit-tracking process.

notes habit tracker

How to start using our Digital/Printable Habit Tracker Notebook?

To start using this habit tracker notebook you can purchase and download it from Gumroad, using the button below! If you’re new and want to see what our printables are like we recommend trying the standard version first!

Digital/Printable Habit Tracker | PDF | A4, Letter size | BW & Color

Get this digital printable!


How to download & use it?

  • Digital: Use the PDF version in an app like Good Notes or other digital notebook apps. You can write directly on your tablet/iPad or type into it.
  • Print: We included both A4 and Letter sizes to ensure you have the correct size for your printer. You can either print it out and write on it by hand or print out the digital version after modifying it.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions

If you have any trouble or questions about downloading or using it, please contact us by email at We’re always happy to help and improve from your feedback!

Refund Policy

If you have any issues with this product, please get in touch with us at We cannot offer refunds as it is impossible for us to tell if you used the product or not. However, we are happy to help and solve any problems!

Want to share your thoughts on our Digital and Printable Habit Tracker Notebook?

Send us your thoughts, feedback or requests via the link We will select the top-voted ones to create new updates for the template 🌟.

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