Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planner Notion Template

daily weekly monthly planner notion template

Using a planner is a great way to help you manage your time and achieve your goals. With a planner, you can organize your daily tasks, remember important dates, and keep track of your progress. By writing down what you need to do each day, week, and month, you can avoid forgetting important tasks and feel well-prepared with a clear plan for each day.

In this article, we want to show you the main features of our Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planner Notion Template. We hope this template will be a useful tool to help you organize and plan your daily life more effectively.

Why Use a Notion Planner?

We spent time looking for the right planner and found that most options were either digital or physical journals. PDF-based products can be challenging because they lack a proper database to store information for later use. Notion, on the other hand, offers excellent flexibility and customization in their platform, allowing you to create your own digital planner workspace.

Template Themes

We’ve designed our Daily, Weekly, Monthly Notion Template in nine versions to suit various color preferences. Each version comes in a specific Notion colorway that works and works in both light and dark modes.

  • Purple Theme (Light & Dark)
  • Blue Theme (Light & Dark)
  • Red Theme (Light & Dark)
  • Pink Theme (Light & Dark)
  • Green Theme (Light & Dark)
  • Yellow Theme (Light & Dark)
  • Orange Theme (Light & Dark)
  • Brown Theme (Light & Dark)
  • Grey Theme (Light & Dark)

Wonder which version suits you the most? Come and take a look at our products and don’t forget to choose the one that fits your computer’s light mode system.

planner notion color themes

Key Features

The template has the following main functions:

Monthly Planner: This is where you can plan and reflect on your whole month. Add your start and end dates, set your goals, and start planning your month. At the end of the month, take some time to reflect on the entire month’s activities.

monthly notion planner

Weekly Planner: This is where you can start your week by thinking about your goals and planning your week. Don’t forget to do a reflection at the end of each week.

weekly notion planner

Daily Planner: Start each day by adding a new entry. You can plan your entire day while looking at the weekly view of your calendar/schedule.

  • Main Goals for the Day
  • Today’s Schedule: Allocate time for different activities during the day
  • Check Your Calendar/Schedule
  • Today’s To-Do List
  • End-of-the-Day Reflection: Take a moment at the end of the day to see how you can improve.
daily notion planner

How to Download Our Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planner Notion Template?

You can get our Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planner Template through our store, from the link below! When you purchase the template, you will be able to open a copy of the template. Click the “Duplicate” button to add it to your workspace.

Want to Share Your Thoughts on Our Daily, Weekly, Monthly Notion Template?

If you have ideas, feedback, or specific requests, we’re eager to hear from you. Please share your thoughts, feedback, or requests through this link. We will select the top-voted suggestions to create exciting new updates for the template 🌟.

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