How to set up recurring task pages in Notion?

how to automate recurring tasks in Notion

What is a recurring task?

Recurring tasks are tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis, such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. By creating a system for recurring tasks or reminders, we are likely to stay more on track with the routines and meet our goals.

Some examples of recurring tasks & patterns

Examples of recurring tasks in notion

There are many tasks that we are currently automating to save our time and effort in getting our work done.

  • Daily tasks: daily work routine and habits tracking activities
  • Weekly tasks: meetings scheduling & management, weekly planning and reviews
  • Monthly tasks: finance review, budget planning, income and exepense tracking activity, monthly planning and review, maintenance checks and house cleaning
  • Year tasks: yearly planning and goal review, health check up, deep cleaning for our physical house and digital workspace, vacation planning

Why do we need to set up recurring tasks?

Setting up recurring tasks is a productive practice to automate repepetive work, reduce manual effort and free up our mental space to focus on more critical tasks that require our attention. This practice can also enable us to establish a routine as well as streamline and organize your workflow. For example, you can set up recurring daily reminders to check your email, weekly reminders to review your progress towards your goals, and monthly reminders to pay bills or update your budget.

Furthermore, recurring tasks can help you develop good habits and stay accountable. When you know that you have a task scheduled, you are more likely to follow through and complete it. Over time, these habits can lead to significant improvements in your personal and professional life.

How to set up automatic recurring tasks in Notion?

If you prefer a video tutorial, check it out here!

Notion is a powerful productivity tool that allows you to manage your tasks and projects in a customizable and flexible way. One useful feature of Notion is the ability to set up recurring tasks. In this article, we will walk you through a step-by-step tutorial to set up recurring tasks in Notion.

1: Create a new database and select your preferred database view

2: Create a new database template

  • Hover to +New button, click the arrow button
  • Select + New Template
  • Exit to save the new template

3: Set up the recurring pattern for the new database template

  • Hover to the new template and click the three dots
  • Select Repeat. You will see a dialog box where you can set up the recurrence pattern for the task
  • Choose to repeat the task on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • Specify the exact days or times in the week or month when it should recur (e.g. 3 times a week on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • Select the starting date for the recurring template
  • Decide when the task should be created in a specific point of time in a day (for e.g. 12:00 AM or 8:00 AM on a daily basis).
  • You can always turn off the recurring pattern by making sure Repeat is OFF.

4: Test out the recurring task before incorporating it into your routine

Make sure to test the recurrence pattern – you will see the task appear in your task list on the specified days and times, and you can mark it as complete or reschedule it as needed.

Some tips about recurring task pages on Notion based on our experience:

  • Database view: Understand which database views are the best for you to complete the task
  • Created date: All task pages are formed with a created date property. Treat this flexibly based on your needs. Add a “Created Date” property so you can display the task by created date and your task list will be automated completely
  • Checkbox: Have a checkbox or a Status property for you to mark it as complete when the task is done

Do we have any templates that ultilize this function?

We also created a template that displays how to use the recurring task function in a systematic manner. The template is designed to track our goals and habits, called “Goal & Habit Tracker System”. Dont hesitate to come in and check our template to see if it can help you automate your habit tracking process!

Overall, setting up recurring tasks in Notion is a simple and effective way to automate your workflow and stay on top of your to-do list. Give it a try and see how much time and effort you can save! Let us know if you do the same or what you think by leaving your comment .

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